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Homecoming from war 


Surviving the Peace is one of several projects about life during and after war. 
As the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, whose family lived through the World Wars in Europe, there have been a lot of things to piece together over time. All of this was talked about far less years ago, yet the things that were a part of my dad's inner world are shared by many who have seen war. 

The 8030 Project:
Public art project
since 2014

The 8030 Project is an ongoing Open Call to create Memorials of 22 every day objects, to raise awareness

locally for the veterans and soldiers lost to suicide each day. For more information please visit:


Short film series
since 2004

A bi-partissan non-profit, The Minnesotans' Military Appreciation Fund provides assistance to each Minnesota soldier and veteran, and their families, who have served since 9/11. Mara has been producing video shorts for MMAF fundraisers and website since 2004.

Installation and video

Souvenirs began as an installation and video series shown at the Minnesota Center for Photography. The first films together became a feature, with grass roots and festival screenings from 2010- 2013. 


Video installation
Riga Kino Hall, 2002

Two friends in the early 60s made films with a Bolex they bought together. Separate journeys brought Ivars to Vietnam, and Juris to the Middle East. Their images together create Tour. Hand held sand timers were given to the public while viewing the work, installed at the Latvian Museum of War, opening the day Latvia officially celebrated acceptance into NATO.

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